Remailer Reliability Stats [hermetix]

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Cypherpunk (Type I) Mixmaster (Type II) Combined
v1 (rsa) (dsa) (cleartext) v1 V2
v2 (rsa) (dsa) (cleartext) v2

Cypherpunk Remailers (v2, cleartext only)

This is an automatically generated list of remailer reliability statistics. Please see the Legend below for interpretative data.

Stats-Version: 2.0
Generated: Wed 15 Mar 2017 13:00:01 GMT
Cypherpunk   Latent-Hist   Latent  Uptime-Hist   Uptime  Options
fotonl1      101101111101    :25   ++++++++++++  100.0%   PR G  ATLE IN 
redjohn      000000000000    :09   ++++++++++++  100.0%  DPR G  ATLEUIN9

Broken type-I remailer chains:
(austria anon)
(austria brabus)
(austria holland)
(austria init)
(austria lisbeth)
(austria redjohn)
(dizum anon)
(fotonl1 brabus)
(fotonl1 holland)
(fotonl1 init)
(fotonl1 lisbeth)
(fotonl1 redjohn)
(freierede brabus)
(freierede holland)
(freierede init)
(freierede lisbeth)
(freierede redjohn)
(frell brabus)
(frell holland)
(frell init)
(frell lisbeth)
(hermetix brabus)
(hermetix holland)
(hermetix init)
(hermetix lisbeth)
(hermetix redjohn)
(kroken init)
(kroken redjohn)
(paranoia anon)
(paranoia brabus)
(paranoia holland)
(paranoia init)
(paranoia lisbeth)
(paranoia redjohn)

Broken type-II remailer chains:
(* anon)
(* austria)
(* banana)
(* brabus)
(* congeries)
(* devurandom)
(* dizum)
(* eurovibes)
(* fotonl1)
(* freierede)
(* frell)
(* frell2)
(* hermetix)
(* holland)
(* init)
(* kreti)
(* kroken)
(* lisbeth)
(* lulunga)
(* m2n)
(* paranoia)
(* redjohn)
(* roance)
(* slow)
(* starboard)
(anon *)
(austria *)
(banana *)
(brabus *)
(congeries *)
(devurandom *)
(dizum *)
(eurovibes *)
(fotonl1 *)
(freierede *)
(frell *)
(frell2 *)
(hermetix *)
(holland *)
(init *)
(kreti *)
(kroken *)
(lisbeth *)
(lulunga *)
(m2n *)
(paranoia *)
(redjohn *)
(roance *)
(slow *)
(starboard *)


$remailer{"fotonl1"} = "<> cpunk max mix pgp repgp remix latent hash cut test ekx inflt50 rhop5 reord post";
$remailer{"redjohn"} = "<> cpunk max mix middle pgp repgp remix esub hsub latent hash cut test ek ekx inflt50 rhop5 reord post klen1024";


The stats table shows the 12-day performance history of each remailer. Pings (test messages) are sent to each remailer and response time is measured.

Latent-Hist shows the average default response time for each day:

0less than 20 minutes
1less than 1 hour
9less than 9 hours
Aless than 12 hours
Bless than 18 hours
Cless than 24 hours
Gless than 48 hours
Hmore than 48 hours
?No responses received / No data

Latent shows the average default response time in HH:MM format.

Uptime-Hist shows the Uptime percentage (responses received divided by pings sent) for each day:

+100% (Responses were received for all pings sent)
990-99.9% (About 9 responses were received for every 10 pings)
?No pings sent / No data

Uptime shows the average Uptime percentage for 12 days.

Options shows an abbreviated form of the strings listed in the Remailer-Capabilities section above:

Dmiddle (Remailer is middleman and chains to other remailers)
Ppost (Supports news posting (Anon-Post-To or Post)
M/R/2mix/remix/remix2 (Supported Mixmaster features)
Hhybrid (Supports CPunk directives in Mix messages)
Opgponly (Requires Cypherpunk messages to be PGP encrypted)
Xext (Supports extended directive features)
Amax (Supports Max-Size, Max-Count, and Max-Date directives)
Ttest (Supports the Test-To directive)
Llatent (Supports the Latent-Time directive)
e/Eek/ekx (Supports Encrypt-Key/-3DES,-CAST directives)
Uesub (Supports the Encrypt-Subject directive)
Iinflt (Supports the Inflate directive)
Nrhop (Supports the Rand-Hop directive)
#klen - The digit indicates the maximum message size:
9Max is greater than 900K
8Max is less than 900K
1Max is less than 200K
0Max is less than 100K

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Last update: Wed Mar 15 13:00:01 2017.