Remailer Reliability Stats [hermetix]

This pinger automatically collects and generates remailer reliability statistics for both Type I (Cypherpunk) and Type II (Mixmaster) remailers. It also offers current keyrings and each remailer's reply to remailer-xxx queries for your convenience.

Available Stats

Out of the 15 Cypherpunk and 25 Mixmaster remailers (26 unique addresses) on these stats there are 14 CPunks and 12 Mixes over 98.0% in terms of overall reliability.


Cypherpunk (Type I) Mixmaster (Type II) Combined
rlist.html (rsa, dsa, unencrypted) mlist.html clist2.html
rlist2.html (rsa, dsa, unencrypted) mlist2.html

Plain Text

Cypherpunk (Type I) Mixmaster (Type II) Combined
rlist.txt (rsa, dsa, unencrypted) mlist.txt clist2.txt
rlist2.txt (rsa, dsa, unencrypted) mlist2.txt

Available Keyrings

Cypherpunk (Type I) Mixmaster (Type II)
RSA only pubring.mix
RSA and DSA type2.list


Find the Thesaurus index in thesaurus/.

From Header Lines

A summary of From Headers each remailer uses has also been compiled. It also lists which remailers allow setting the From: Header.
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