Remailer Abuse

Reporting an abuse of our network

Or if you think our services have been used to abuse you!

Hermetix Privacy Node is part of an anonymizing network of routers and remailers distributed worldwide. Those network provide a useful and worthwhile service where freedom of speech is not a protected right.

As with anything, there are those who would use a service for purposes other than those for which they are intended. Anyhow, the usefullness of it still outweighs the inconveniences. It is by definition what free speech stands for.

We believe in freedom of speech, that's why we spend our money to provide the necessary bandwidth, hardware and give of our free time to provide these services.

Operators can take steps to prevent some abuses. Other abuses are nearly impossible to prevent.

An operator cannot identify the sender of any message or post, as that information is simply not available. The messages we receive come from other nodes and are encrypted to protect the sender's identity, and prevent viewing of the message contents.

If you are sure you will never want to receive any messages coming from the remailer, you may request that your address be blocked.

Some of the typical abuses and possible solutions.

Mail bombing, spam or unpleasant mail sent to a private sddress.

You do not need to supply copies of harassing mail.

You might want to consider using the filter function in most email clients instead of blocking.

You will have to send a request from each address you wish to be blocked.
Similar procedures exist for other remailers.


If somebody posts messages of dubious value and tries to make people believe you authored them:

All mail and posts processed by xmailer contain comments clearly stating that the messages have been remailed by it and might not have been sent by you.

It is easy to point this out, even to a person who is not familiar with headers. If the impostor is persistent, you might consider adding a PGP signature to all your messages and posts.

Spam or UCE

Remailer operators do everything possible to limit spam. Beyond what is already being done, there is little more that can control this abuse. Your mail client has filtering capabilities in most cases. Use of filters is very simple, and quite effective.

Floods on Usenet (repetitive messages)

In many cases, flooding is an attempt by someone to bring pressure on or to discredit remailers. Recent improvements in the remailer network have significantly reduced this abuse, but operators need to be notified if it occurs, as we simply can not monitor all 90,000 plus newsgroups. Floods can be effectively prevented.

Unpleasant messages on Usenet

No one likes to read something they find offensive, but the nature of the Usenet is to provide an open forum for all beliefs and
opinions, however unpopular. Remailers are not responsible for any views or opinions posted through our service. Newsreader filtering is an effective means of keeping this out of sight.

Do not ask that a remailer block a newsgroup because of unpleasant messages.

Those who are against freedom of speech and anonymity would love to have all newsgoups shut down on those grounds, one right after another.


If this doesn't help and you need to contact a person,

you can contact the operator by sending an email
here or you can use this form.

Thank you